When you go to any gun shop you will see guns, duh! But what you see a 380s, 9mm, 22s, 40s and 45 calibers. Now you will also see 38s and different caliber but why do you always see more 9mm then other handguns? Handguns have been around for a long, long, long time over the years popular caliber have changed, designs have changed and even the build of the ammo used has changed. But in the most recent years 9mm has been the choice for most everyone that can shoot it. The FBI is returning to the 9mm even though it said it was ineffective in 1986, 20 years later they are going back. Yes, you all have heard that they ditched the .40 and web back to the 9mm. That is not the reason I say the 9mm is the most popular caliber.

I think the 9mm is the most popular caliber because its easy to handle, easy to find ammo and cost is pretty small compared to some other ammo. You can get 9mm anywhere from Wal-Mart to your everyday sports store down the street. The average cost I pay is ~$10 a box pf 50. that is pretty cheap. Its harder to find some other ammo or you will pay more for it. I personally only look at 9mm but that’s because I like the 9mm. It’s cheap for target ammo, its locally everywhere I have 3 Wal-mart, 2 academy’s, bass pro shop, 3 gun shops all within a 30 min drive of me so I can get plenty if the mud hits the fan.


The Glock 19 around my area is the most popular handgun and they are hard to find at some stores. They sale quick and after any major attack you can never find them in stores around here. I have owned a g19 gen4 and I should have kept it but I sold it and I am still kicking my self for that.

I personally own the Taurus pt-111 g2 and have nothing bad to say about it, it has never failed, jammed, has FTF, FTE or anything of that nature and I have around 1000 round down range in it. It small enough to carry in my pocket really (cargo shorts), I conceal carry it all the time anytime I am out of the house and its 9mm, tack driver is what I call it, it has the best hand grip I have had up to this point, breaks down like a Glock (Im a Glock Fan) and has a nice reset for the trigger. For under $300 you can have your self a nice little gun that’s easy to hide.


But My main focus is the 9mm ammo which like I have said, cheap, mostly found anywhere, easy to come by, powerful enough now to handle the situation if it arises and with almost any 9mm its 10+ in the magazine. I said most 9mm pistols hold 10 or more rounds not all. The Taurus hold 12+1 and the Glock is 15+1. Both are easy to carry but the pt-111 is a little smaller and thinner.

But if you do not have a 9mm purchase one, shoot it and let me know why you do or do not like it or comment on the one you have or have shot. Need more Ammo? Don’t we all? Check out the banner below to find good ammo shipped to your door.

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