Firearms Online: Applying Technical Analysis To Gun Control

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Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership

Firearms Online – Washington, DC –( This new article is intriguing, as it is written by a financial trader!

As most might know, trading involves strategies and this writing is no exception, it’s just that strategies are applied to data sets concerned with “gun control” and its effects.

The author chooses two opposites by analyzing the UK vs Switzerland.

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“Have you ever had a strategy you just knew would work, but when you applied it, despite your strong belief that it would work, it just fell flat?”

As an addition in this alert we include another “letters to the editor” category short item “Media and Tragedy” – looking at the media in the light of the Newtown tragedy as well as other observations.

“To legally own a firearm or to not own one IS our right, and it SHOULD remain that way.”



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Firearms Online: Applying Technical Analysis To Gun Control

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