Benelli R1 Rifle

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.Just imagine a .300 Winchester Magnum that feels like you’re shooting a light .270 and you’ll understand what this hunting rifle from Benelli is all about. The Benelli R1 has a recoil dampening stock that cuts felt recoil. To put it more graphically, other high-powered hunting rifles kick about twice as hard. Three different thicknesses of quick-change pads for adjusting length-of-pull and comb inserts of three different heights are available. The synthetic gel comb inserts not only cushion the shooter’s cheek during recoil, but they also feature a slippery surface that allows the cheek to slide along the surface friction free. The comb inserts are available for ComforTech® stocks only. Also included is a totally unique accessory — a shim kit to make precise stock adjustments for drop and cast, providing a truly custom fit.

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