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FN509 MRD Optics Ready

The FN509 is a great full-size, mid-size 9mm pistol. They have recently release the 510 and 545 which are the 10mm and 45acp rounds. The FN509 is what I picked up over new years weekend. I purchased this one at Bass Pro Shop for 699.99 and it came with the Viper Vortex. Other features for this particular firearm is:   With the FN 509® MRD Optics Ready Semi-Auto Pistol with Vortex® Viper RDS you get full-sized performance, in...

Hilliker Holster Company

On my search for a good holster for my Smith and Wesson Shield Plus, I came across a small company that makes holster for a still very good price. While searching and looking I wanted this holster to have a few things. The holster had to have a belt wing to hold the grip closer to my body for concealment they are popular more now but I still wanted it and I wanted a matching mag carrier for...

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Win a Century Arms PAP 5.56 pistol from is giving away a Century Arms PAP 5.56 pistol. Drawing to be held August 31st. You can enter multiple times. GOOD LUCK! RandallCAn Experienced Gun owner purchasing the latest and greatest and writing about different everyday carry  gear to help you navigate the endless possibilities.