Glock 23 40cal review

We all know that Glock makes a great gun regardless if you like it or not the structure of the gun is still great. We have all seen the torture test on Youtube and everyone shooting the Glock 23 but lets get down to some business while we are looking at the glock 23.

Glock 23 is the same frame as the sister 9mm is on the most popular Glock 19. The only changes are the mags themselves and the barrel. If you took a 9mm barrel and mags from blog you could change your 23 to a 9mm. Same goes for any glocks really as long as the frames are the same. Like all the baby Glocks are interchangeable.

As for any glock (I’ve shot a few) it will feed anything and usually not have any problems with the ammo unless you get some bad ammo.  At the time of my shooting experience I was shooting Winchester White Box and had 2 FTF. You could see the indent from the striker but no bang.

The Glock 23 is a mid-size frame with 4in barrel and 6in overall from sight to sight. I carried the Glock 19 for a while and didn’t have any problems with concealing it.  The Glock 23 holds 13+1 and loaded gets kinda heavy if your a small guy. My Brother in law is a bigger guy and totes it loaded with no problems. But, a good holster will make that problem go away you just have to get the right one.

The one I was shooting was the gen3, I found it a little harder to get back on target after the shot it would jump rather high for me. Rapid fire was fun and I really had to try and keep it down. I am more favorable toward a 9mm over 40cal. Glock 23 gen 4 has the same improvements with  a dual recoil spring, changeable back straps, enlarges mag release.

Overall, The Glock name is a brand of it own, choosing any Glock you see and you will not be disappointed. The Glock 23 has its place in my heart for a bigger bang and more force over a 9mm. But For accuracy and recoil I would choose the Glock 19.

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