Gun Safes– 3Revealing Statistics Why Firearms Owners Need A Gun Safe.

Gun Safes– 3Revealing Statistics Why Firearms Owners Need A Gun Safe.


If your home is on fire would your gun or firearms be safe?


If a criminal were to break into your home, would he find your gun easily? Would your gun become his “new gun”?


Is your firearm easily accessible so that it can be reached by children, and others who should not be handling your weapon, allowing misuse?


Here are three main important questions that every firearm owner must answer, and if the answer to any one of these questions or to all of these questions is in the yes, then you need a gun safe.


Consider these 3 stats:


1. In the USA, the FBI has estimated that there are more than 341,000 incidents of gun theft every year.


We tend to think that firearm theft won’t happen to “us” And that theft only occurs to others. It is time to get smart, criminals wait for no one! For many who possess guns or firearms that are actually hierlooms, the loss of the firearms would mean much more than normal loss. It means loss of something sentimental, and it would be worse if that hierloom was used in the commission of a crime resulting in loss of life.


2.Guns and firearms are stolen with a purpose – stolen guns often end up in the hands of unwanted individuals and criminals who may use them to commit further misdeeds, burglary, theft, robbery and even cause bodily harm to others. Worse, children and kids may mistaken a real gun for a toy and mishandle it if the gun is not stored away properly, resulting in accidents.


We have read and seen actual cases where kids have easy access to the parents firearms, resulting in terrible unnecessary loss of lives and untold misery that lasts for life.


3. It is estimated that over 30% of the firearms used in the commission of a crime are stolen from American homes and businesses. Now, that is a really worrisome figure. Theft of guns is becoming a source of further crime and gun-owners must take on a role to prevent increasing firearms theft. A burglar has a time window of around 6 minutes to look quickly for prized possessions and assets to steal when he breaks into a home, this being the time burglars would be “comfortable” in the commission of his crime.

Frustrate the burglar’s “time comfort zone”, by storing away your gun properly.


Considering your responsibility as a firearms owner,it is no longer wise to store your gun in a drawer, or under a desk or behind a picture frame – places where burglars and unauthorized persons will zoom in for.


Every responsible gun owner needs a gun vault or a gun safe – fireproofed, locked and inaccessible to unwanted persons…and safe from theft, fire and misuse.


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