GunStreamer – Good or Bad

GunStreamer is a newer streaming website that has come up about guns. It’s a place for people to run their channels and build their brand. GunStreamer startedGunSteamer because of course YouTube started deleting gun channels. I recently started playing with a channel on GunStreamer and started using the platform a good bit to follow some of my favorite youtubers and find new streamers since all of the channels are related to guns. Here are some issues I ran into and how to control them.

I was not able to set an avatar for my account and since I was going to start or have started looking into making videos on this blog to share more then just post for you to read. I was not able to set the channel cover either. Both gave me an error after saying that it was successfully uploaded. This is not true and they both failed. I e-mailed them 2 days ago about it and have yet to receive anything from them so I guess the ship is floating with no one at the helm, I do not know.

The service is good but slow, when I click on a channel it may load instantly and I can play the video or it may take a second or so like it hangs up. I don’t find this to be important as when I am watching, its my leisure time and I’m not in a rush to do much of anything. But it does suck when I am watching and the video freezes and has issues loading the next segment- buffering.

I really like the service and hope it continues to grow but it does need some improvements They want you to donate but you can’t even do simple things like upload an avatar to your account.

EDIT: After a month of waiting still can’t upload and never received an email back either so I guess I will stick to YouTube since this platform isn’t worried about content or its users.

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