Hilliker Holster Company

On my search for a good holster for my Smith and Wesson Shield Plus, I came across a small company that makes holster for a still very good price. While searching and looking I wanted this holster to have a few things. The holster had to have a belt wing to hold the grip closer to my body for concealment they are popular more now but I still wanted it and I wanted a matching mag carrier for this since I wanted to carry more rounds with my smaller pistol.

The search for me ended when I found Hilliker Holsters on google while searching Kydex Holsters. I ended up bookmarking the company and purchasing a holster from a larger well known company. Due to the larger known company not producing a product I liked I sent it back and received a refund. This is when I ordered from Hilliker Holsters.

The ordering process was easy through their website and I was able to design the holster color that I wanted and they have different patterns to choose from but I wanted something timeless and that could go with anything. I chose Flat Dark Earth pattern on the signature line and black washers just like the stock photos shows. There was a lead time and I figured it would be longer considering it was Christmas time, I ordered on Decemeber 12, received my package the 24th.


The holster for my Shield plus is great when i insert the gun into the holster is gives me a little pop and its secure but not overly tight. The holster did come with the wing like I wanted and gives me that little extra pull closer to my body at the end of the grip to prevent 13 round magazine from printing at the end. I love the color combo I chose and its exacly what I wanted for this combo I ordered to match. (Pics Below)

Magzine Carrier

The magazine carrier is done nicely, Hilliker Holsters uses a MRD system to allow you to adjust from single stack to double stack mags or vice-versa. I was not understanding the system and had to e-mail Andrew a couple of times. He was responsive and explained what I needed to do. After that it works like a charm and holds the mag. If I needed to adjust it more I just use the allen wrench they send and tighten more. You will be able to see the MRD in my pics below.

Hilliker Holsters also offers a lifetime warrenty from defects, and 30 day money back. This in itself makes this purchase easier since they do offer the money back if I dis-like thier holster.



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