M-4 Add ons

Some of the best prices on m-4 grips, rails, and add on products!

OK, let me start by saying I am a Brownells affiliate. I place adds here for folks to buy stuff from brownells. My son who is currently serving our country in Afghanistan needed links to some add on products for his m-4. So I searched Brownells for just what he needed.

     What I’m about to say will probably get me “kickd” from the program, But I don’t care. Brownells was VERY expensive. I was shocked at the prices. SO, I searched for the cheapest M-4 rails, grips, and so on I could find. You know where I ended up? AMAZON..lol. I was surprised at how affordable the stuff they carry was. Here’s a link for everyone to a page that has M-4 products. I hope it helps.

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