Picking Your Concealed Carry Weapon


How does someone pick their pistol they are going to conceal carry? 

Picking and choosing a firearm as your concealed carry weapon can be a quick decision, it can take a moment to decide what you need for your self defense. When I am selecting a firearm to go on my side I am looking for a few characteristics that I think are most important to me. You may have different ideas than I and that is ok. Situations are different for everyone and what you like is different then what I like. However, If you are trying to choose a firearm as your concealed weapon. I will give you food for your thoughts when looking and choosing a firearm.


When I am shopping for a firearm (every firearm of mine has to be proven and tested) reliability is the most important item on the agenda. If I pull my firearm and it fails to feed, fails to eject, stovepipes or any of the other 100s of things that could go wrong with a firearm in an instance. This is speaking to the firearm itself not human error, or lack of training. I want to know that people have put thousands of rounds in these firearms. I want to know the ins and outs of this firearm before I put it on my side and walk out the door with it. Glock 19s are a prime example I have carried the Glock 19 Gen 4 9mm for months on it without cleaning it. You can watch stress test on youtube of the Glock 19 shooting in adverse situations.

These firearms from Glock have been put though the paces over the last few years. They continue to run even after being under water, dirt and other situations. When I purchase a firearm I need at-least a few days of a range time and 500-1000 rounds of ammo to put down range and see how its going to hold up to dirty, under-oil/no-oil conditions. This is not to say I do not properly clean after each range visit but it need to perform flawless at the range.


In this category, most of the time I only have the single magazine filled with hollow points in my firearm. Minimum for me to carry a firearm in a self defense situation or concealed is 12 (notable Taurus PT-111). For me persoanly usually carry a semi-compact or compact pistol but it is all the same. The firearm needs to have the capacity to eliminate the threat or threats that may encountered. As noted, the Taurus PT-111 is a 12+1 capacity firearm carrying the one magazine. Previously, carried the Glock 19 which is your typical compact 15+1 capacity. The current pistol in testing is the Sig p320c which is going to be 15+1 capacity and ordered a extra mag holder.

Ease of Use

The concealed firearm should be easy to use no more bells and whistles then it should have to make you have the advantage in a situation. Building firearms of the highest fanciest is great but not in everyday use for the practical person looking for self-defense and deep concealment. Avoiding the extras, like red dots, flashlights, your trigger jobs, milled slides allow for you to conceal deeper and not have as much bulk on your person in a time of need. Deep concealment has a open meaning depending on the person, to define by my terms only would be shallow so this is just for me and may be different for you. I want to make sure no one know I have a firearm like the pistol is not even there in the present.


Does manufacturer play a role in the decision to carry the firearm? Yes, major brands tend to be test and true Sig, Glock, S&W, FN, HK and many others are the ones to carry, not your off brand as you may call them. Tristars, Jemision, hi-point, and many more have a place and time just not in my arsenal.


Picking a firearm for concealment should be something you take your time on and decide what is important to you for your self-defense and protection.

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