Remington 870 12Ga Pump Action

The Remington 870 an iconic shotgun introduced in the 1950s and became one of the best shotguns in the market. Popular today for a bit of everything from home defense to taking it in the truck and the field. These shotguns are popular among police departments also because they are a workhorse, and can take the abuse.

I recently acquired a Remington 870 what use to be a high end version of the Remington 870 a wing master. It is long gone from those days probably had many owners, from the date code I found it was made in June 1979. The date code was found on the left side of the barrel, I looked it up and also found that this wing master I have is a full size 2 3/4 only. It seems to been painted at some point, and they failed to remove any accessories that they installed and painted right over it. I may in the future break it down and repaint it again to refreshed it up or have it reblued.

Now, On to the fun part, I have to get a new barrel for it because the one of the previous owners has done some damage to it, and I’m honestly afraid to shoot it because there is a small pinhole on the right side of the barrel toward the muzzle, and it looks like they tried to cover it up with an accessory. It has also been tampered with like welding and/or something melted onto it to cover the hole, but you can see the damage from the inside,, so I am getting a new 18.5in 12ga barrel for it. I have taken it apart and cleaned it real well inside and out and got some gunk out of it. I have taken some junk off that I don’t want and while it has a mag tube extension the one it has is not great which will be removed.


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  1. Jake S says:

    I like mine. it has a 18.5in barrel and a birdseye (shockwave) pistol grip. Looks post apocalyptic. I can’t hit the broad side of a barn with it, but it will discourage and intruder.

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