Ruger Mark 3 22

A few weeks ago I had my turn at a Ruger Mark-III same as the one pictured but I didn’t get any pictures of the guns the damage or anything. Sucks, I know. Oh the other hand, this was the gun I shot the most, It was heavy but I could shoot it for hours with no recoil and a easy trigger. The Guns that I had access that day was as follows, The Mark-III, Glock 21, 23, 19,43, 27, a few more glocks, 2 AR-15s, 2 shotguns, a 45-70 (this one is another post), Ruger sr22. The Mark-III we were shooting cans at 50 yards and tack-driving it. The Mark-III is a powerful 22 to use and deadly accurate, if you have someone that needs a confident booster this is the gun you need to get them to shoot, the action and recoil along would allow them to get use to the gun and how it reacts in their hands. It would also get them use to pulling the trigger without jerking since the trigger is insane. You can get one for as little as $350 if you look around. Here is a rundown on why you should have this gun.
  1. Smaller frame then a 22 rifle.
  2.  Easy Trigger
  3. No Recoil
  4. Tack Driver at 50 yards.
The Mark III hunter I was using was heavy because of the bull barrel. Bull Barrels are stiffer, heavier that prevents the weapon from jumping when in use so I could send 5 rounds down range and almost hit the same spot in the target each time. The hunter version of this weapon is the stainless with wooden grips like above and it the high-end version of the lineup.

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