Smith & Wesson M&P9

The Smith and Wesson M&P9 is a great firearm to use daily or duty if you are in the line of work. I purchased one and took it out shooting and developed a real liking for the grip and sights that came on the cheap version. I found the M&P9 to be an excellent firearm of choice. Built for a purpose the Smith and Wesson like of M&P was built for duty use for Military and Police. The one I am shooting has never had a problem in the amount of rounds I have put down range.


The M&P9 I have is the full size 4.25in barrel with the 17 round mags and it came with 2. I was able to find and purchase two more 17 round mags. The feel of this firearm is great the grip is the amazing part. I love how the texture of the grip and how it performs under sweat and how even under stress from the user the firearm performed very well with no problems. I was running a course in 90 degree weather for 8 hours. It was hot and humid and sunny, my body and hands were sweaty to the max and the grip on the firearm was firm and held nice.

Some I have talked to did not like the trigger but I found it to be good for stock and I do not have any complaints over it. I like the m&p trigger better then the glock triggers even if its not flat face. The only complaint I have towad the firearm is the at the end of the course I had to rack the slide and lock it back and at certain points I could not because of the small slide release. Its not a big deal when you run through a magazine and it locks back but if you ran out of time in a certain portion of the course you would have to manually lock the slide.

Overall, the M&P9 is a true firearm I choose to carry daily and trust it with my life. Mine is the one without the manual safty, I have 3 holsters for it, 2 OWB and a IWB holster and its great to have choice between the three depending on what I can carry that day.

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  1. Mahashi Mtsweni says:

    I need more information on Compact 9mm Smith & Wesson and the latest catalogue please.

  1. October 30, 2021

    […] texture of the grip is the same as the M&P9 Series which is very textured for all conditions (S&W M&P9 Review). The grip allows the firearm to stay put in your hand even when under diverse condition such as […]

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