Spyderco tenacious Review

Hey Guys,

Recently, I needed a work knife and being an automotive technician.  I needed something strong and sharp but on a budget. So, I went to the local store(rural living) and found a good deal on a Spyderco tenacious folding knife. For the price I was at and not cheap as dirt I picked it up for around $40 bucks. I have used it at work and its keeping and edge, came sharpened and lube up.

The shape of the handle feels nice in my hands and doesn’t slip when sweaty. I cut something on a stainless steal table top in a quick hurry and thought I dulled it but so far it has help the edge even doing that.

So if your like me and on a budget I saw the china make low-end version is a great deal.

The handle is metal with plastic made over steal and the texture made in the handle offers good grip. The Blade is make of 8cr13 steel and is strong  enough to do what I need to do.

Compare Steel (Here)

The profile of the knife is small in fits in my pocket with the clip very nice. My old knife did not hae a small profile and would catch anything that I had in my pocket. I recommend carrying a knife anytime you can along with any other EDC item you carry.

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