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Glock 23 40cal review

We all know that Glock makes a great gun regardless if you like it or not the structure of the gun is still great. We have all seen the torture test on Youtube and everyone shooting the Glock 23 but lets get down to some business while we are looking at the glock 23. Glock 23 is the same frame as the sister 9mm is on the most popular Glock 19. The only changes are the mags themselves...

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H&K P30L 9mm

The Heckler &Koch   P30L is the big brother to the P30. The only difference being the p30L has a slide, and barrel that’s a half inch longer. It’s a 9MM with many advantages, and variants. The first of these variants is the V1, it has a double action trigger only, and it’s designed for law enforcement. The V2 is the same, however the V1 has a lightweight trigger pull . LS models are available in double-action/single action...