The Taurus 180 Curve

The Taurus Curve 380 ACP is designed with only one thing in mind, concealment.

Finally a firearm manufacturers starts to think outside of the box. And delivers a home run with the Taurus Curve.

Designed to fit your body and contours of your body this is an easy firearm to conceal. Super light at 10.2 oz. and it even has a belt clip for fast easy availability. The magazine holds 6+1 and it does have a laser sight for easy targeting. The entire gun is smooth with no edges that can catch clothing.


However most gun enthusiasts have had two minor complaints.

1. Magazine Disconnect Safety. Let’s face it nobody likes this ridiculous law (depending on your state) and I wish gun manufacturers would begin making guns the way gun owners want them, and not bow down to some states that have this silly law.

2. The amount of pressure needed for a trigger pull. Just when it feels like it should fire. You have more pulling to do. Now Taurus even claims that “yes” it does have a heavy pull. This is to prevent accidental discharge of the weapon if it were to accidentally “catch” on something.

All in all a big way to go to Taurus on the 180 Curve. We love it when a manufacturer thinks outside the box. The Taurus Curve is without a doubt purely for defense in a high stress event. Easy to conceal, you’ll be ready at a moments notice with This Handgun.


For more details stop by Taurus and check out The Curve. They’re website for The Curve is HERE

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