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Hey Guys,

Just wanted to point out something that many times gets looked over. I am sure everyone here has a list of youtubers they like and watch for content. Here is my list that I watch to get my needs met when looking at gear, firearms or future purchases.

1. Tactical Considerations –
I really like his videos as he is through and has spent the money I do not want to spend showing what many differences in the gear he is talking about. He has many videos, The most recent older content I watched was about belts and We all know they can get expensive if you are searching for a belt.

2. Honest Outlaw –
I like watching his firearm related videos and he can get in depth and always shoots them. Since he is mostly unpaid he give the honest review and compares them to other firearms many times I have shot. He also supports a local Shelter to him so that is always nice.

3. Warrior Poet Society –
I like his videos even going back to the old old stuff when the channel was started, He gives a lot of good information and has quote the spread when reviewing firearms

I also watch many of the big names Like MAC, Hickok45, TFB. But the three I listed are the ones I really like to watch when searching for a new firearm and wanting to know if it is worth buying.

P.S I also made it onto the FeedSpots Top 100 Gun Blogs list at #78 Check it out:

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